Eve Taylor Skincare Products

Serene  Skincare Studio would like to introduce to you the Eve Taylor line of all natural skincare products. Only pure organic essential oils of the highest quality are blended into Eve Taylor products, and absolutely none of our products contain lanolin, mineral oil, artificial fragrances or parabens. Our line offers a complete range of products for every client’s skin type.


Mature/Damaged/Sensitive Skin


Soothing Cleanser 200ml-Cucumber & Lettuce-Cooling and refreshing. Rich in skin smoothing Amino acids. Extracts of Cucumber and Lettuce cool and refresh, whilst antiseptic and pore clearing Linden blossom gently lifts away daily debris. $39.00


Soothing Toner 200ml-Lavender & Chamomile-Cool and soothe the skin with natural Lavender and Chamomile hydrosols. Anti-oxidant quality ensures surface mounted  free radical scavengers are eliminated. Healing Aloe Vera leaves skin feeling  moist and fresh. $36.00


Soothing Moisture Lotion 200ml-Comfrey & Lavender-Soothing & Hydrating lotion. A light moisturizing lotion rich in natural skin soothing qualities. Comfrey, a natural source of allantoin to soothe and heal. Vegetable glycerin to attract and hold valuable moisture. Natural essential oils of Eucalyptus and Cypress  oxygenate and Lactic acid retextures. $39.00


Soothing Moisture Cream 100ml-Palm Oil & Chamomile-Soothing protection cream. For skin that requires a little extra protection a non greasy, easily absorbed cream  moisturizer to soothe and protect. Benefits from the natural anti-oxidant, free  radical scavenging qualities of Lavender and Chamomile plus Vitamin E for extra  skin protection. $32.00

Normal/Dry Skin


Balancing Cleanser 200ml-Lavender & Jasmine-Cooling and Harmonizing. Harmonizing  benefits of Lavender and Jasmine soothe and balance skin texture. Basil, Rosewood and Vitamin rich Avocado help improve resistance to bacterial activity. Extracts of Cucumber and Lettuce gently soften and cleanse. $39.00


Balancing Toner 200ml-Rose Otto & Neroli-Clarify skin texture with a natural blend of Rose Otto to firm and tone tissue. Healing quality of Aloe Vera to soften and Neroli to soothe irritation and maintain balance. $36.00


Balancing  Moisture Lotion 200ml-Geranium & Basil-Cooling & Harmonizing lotion. Has a normalizing effect. A light, readily absorbed moisturizer that will hydrate the drier areas without leaving an oily feel to the entire face, essential oils of Geranium and basil encourage proper oxygenation. $39.00


Balancing Moisture Cream 100ml-Basil & Rosewood-Normalizing protection cream. Ideal for skins that require a normalizing protective quality. Hydration to drier areas without leaving a greasy, shiny feel to the entire face. A toning quality of Basil and the antiseptic balancing quality of Rosewood. $32.00

Oily Skin


Purifying Cleanser 200ml-Lemongrass & Tea Tree-These two essential oils are antiseptic, purifying and cleansing, lifting unwanted impurities from the skin. Sandalwood gently helps return moisture to the skin and Lavender with its anti-inflammatory properties reduces redness and inflammation. $39.00


Purifying Toner 200ml-Lavender & Aloe Vera-A mild astringent action. A natural hydrosol of Lavender provides an effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic quality, ideal for purification without compromising natural pH of the skin.  Soothing Aloe Vera improves skin softening. $36.00


Purifying Moisture Lotion 200ml-Lemongrass & Cedar wood-Cooling and clearing lotion. A light moisturizing lotion to rehydrate skin and help discourage bacterial activity. Purifying qualities of Lemongrass and Cedar wood encourage improved oxygenation  without stimulation. $39.00


Purifying Moisture Cream 100ml-Lemongrass & Ylang Ylang-Anti-bacterial protection cream. For skin that require's extra hydration plus extra purifying protection, a non greasy easily absorbed cream moisturizer, to soothe and protect. Benefits from the natural anti-oxidant, free radical scavenging qualities of Lavender and Chamomile. $32.00



Bamboo Facial Scrub 100ml-An effective yet gentle exfoliating scrub with natural bamboo beads to slough away inpuritiesand cellular debris. The underlying tissue is gentlybuffed and polished leaving skin smooth and refined. This product is recommended for all age groups and skin types. $31.00


Refining Eye Gel 20 ml- Revitalize and refine tired tissue around the eyes. Use this product to protect and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. Protein and mineral rich marine algae provides moisture and hydration to help combat fine lines and wrinkles. *Recommended for those that are exposed to working with computers for long periods of time to rehydrate the eye area. $25.00



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