Hand & Arm Treatments

Hand & Arm Sea Salt Exfoliation

 Gentle  cleansing and exfoliation of the hands and forearm’s to slough away dead  surface cells, application of warm towels, hand and arm massage, topped off  with a moisturizing lotion to reveal brighter healthier skin. $15.00


Therabath Paraffin Hand Treament

Paraffin  therapy is one of the most effective methods of applying deep heat to soothe  pain and stiffness. The heat from the paraffin opens pores and increases  circulation in the skin. The warm paraffin will leave your skin moisturized, healthier  and more radiant looking. $10.00


 ~Combo Special-Hand & Arm Sea Salt Exfoliation & Therabath Paraffin Hand Treatment-$20.00 ($5 savings!)



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